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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Selling Real Estate in Las Vegas with Team Shay Hasselmann


We will help you list your home, find the right buyer, and sell for the most amount of money fast.  Because we conduct so many real estate transactions, we come in contact with the entire Las Vegas real estate industry every day.  So, not only is our network the biggest in the Las Vegas area, but we have worked over and over again to build an effective strategy to tackle any home selling concerns.

Working with our team opens doors to many people that you may not have thought would help in selling your home.  Our team is partnered with an accredited lawyer at all times to help negotiate short sales, which is free to you.  When you come to Team Shay Hasselmann, you get a package deal instead of just a realtor.  We provide access to a number of buyer clients by holding Open Houses and advertising across the internet on the most used websites.  Because our reach and network expands so broadly we have the ability to find that client that will offer the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.  Networking is a big key in selling your home successfully!

We will build an aggressive pricing analysis for you that is just right to get the biggest profit from your home sale quickly.  It all starts with an online home evaluation, which we provide complimentary to our home sellers.