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Monday, February 10, 2014

Proof That Hiring The Shay Hasselmann Group To Sell Your Las Vegas Home Pays Off!!

With our unique and razor sharp marketing techniques we often sell homes in communities for the highest price sold in years! We also have also sold client's homes for all time record community sales.

A couple of months ago a woman invited us to her house to go over our comparative market analysis we made for her. We went through the numbers and after assessing the house I confirmed the price at the top of the range I had sent for her based on comparable homes in the neighborhood. She had already seen my marketing materials from my professional real estate photographer and was excited to see how we lit up her house and made it stand out online as well. She told me that after speaking with me in person( we had been conversing for weeks via phone, email and text) she was ready to list with us. 

She explained to me that the other two agents she interviewed were more concerned with selling their services with scripted dialog and rebuttals then showing their results and what they would do to sell her home! They also wanted to list the house for $40,000 less!! I appreciate when most agents do this for me and was happy when a couple of weeks later we were in contract for just under list price!

I had several buyers' agents call over the course of time to ask why I had it listed so high. I asked them if they had seen the comparable sales because we were priced at the top end of the recently sold homes that were almost identical to my clients home? They claimed they had, but obviously they had not. We had no issues and the appraisal came in spot on! 

The lesson here is to not short change yourself when it comes to selling your Las Vegas Home. Make sure your agent has a strong internet presence as that is what sells homes today! Where do you go when you want to find anything? Right! The internet! Make sure your agent has a top notch professional photographer on staff and is willing to invest in the sale of your home for the most money! If you are ready to sell your Las Vegas home then follow these super simple steps to get the process started!


Get a free 15 page online home price evaluation in 4 easy steps!

Step 2: Enter the property address

Step 3: Enter your name

Step 4: Enter your email address and click "get my homes value" button! (phone number not required at this point)

That's it! We will then personally draft a 15 page online interactive comparative market analysis on for your house! It will include houses currently available, recently sold, and under contract that are in the same neighborhood.

The report will include photos of the comparative houses that you can click through to see how your house's finishes, upgrades, and condition compare. It will include a map showing where all of the comparable properties are located. It will have charts and tips on how to get the most money in the least amount of time for your home. We will also include a pdf version for you to keep for your records.

The market has shifted. Inventory has risen by 3000 homes in the last 6 months. Las Vegas has had 4000 single family homes available for almost a year and now as of today we have over 7000.

Click the photo below for your free home value report!!

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